Our Vision


Tribe’s vision is to be a family that serves as a catalyst for God’s transformational power in individuals, in community, and around the globe.


Tribe is an urban church plant in San Diego growing as a series of small, local communities. Tribe aspires to be a group of communities that worship God without hindrance, study scriptures deeply, pray without ceasing, share the Gospel widely, embrace and serve the public, love and share with the poor, live as the church everyday, and radically love Jesus.


In short, we are a church community.

What is a Church Plant?


Local churches and even Christian movements have a life-span. Every day there is a church community that closes it's doors and, hopefully, every day there is a church somewhere that is starting and moving forward with a fresh vision from God. A church plant is simply that, a small community with the ambition of growing into a church that is self-sustaining and able to serve the community.

Our Location


Sundays 10:30AM

4804 Trojan Ave. San Diego, CA 92115

In the chapel


Tribe is not so much about a Sunday service as it is about a family of Jesus followers. Therefore, location is a matter of where our people are. With that understanding, our goal is to be located as a group of communities in and around City Heights.


City Heights is a group of neighborhoods east of downtown San Diego and is known as one of the most ethnically diverse areas in California. City Heights boasts over 70,000 residents with migrants from more than 60 different countries, speaking more than 45 different languages.  With people groups from the Middle East, India, East African, North African, South East Asia, Korea, and more, 45% of the area is foreign born.  Nicknames for some of the local areas include Little Vietnam, Little Somalia and Little Ethiopia.


Our community meetings are held in houses, coffee shops, public buildings, bars, and everywhere people go. For more information on when and where to connect, email sandiegotribe@gmail.com or visit the COMMUNITIES page.

(619) 8-TRIBES
(619) 887-4237



(619) 887-4237   /   SanDiegoTribe@gmail.com   /  #sdtribe  / Mail To:  P. O. Box 152022 San Diego, CA 92195

Sunday Service:  4789 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92115 / 10:30 AM / All Welcome

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