Why the name “Tribe?” 

Tribe represents community. In the Scriptures the church is considered one body and one family. Hebrews were sectioned into tribes. In the great Exodus, Moses' task would have been easy if he went alone, but instead he brought the whole tribe out of Egypt (or God did through him, rather). Tribe represents our community as a family under God.

Tribe represents evangelism. Scripture speaks of every tongue, tribe, and nation being reached with the Gospel and represented in heaven (Revelation 14:6). Jesus commissioned the church to reach all nations or, as we would say, all tribes. The name Tribe represents the fullness of the Great Commission.


Tribe represents humility. When someone hears the word "tribe," he or she won't imagine a great palace or expensive garments; the connotation is a group of primal inhabitants of the earth. Jesus did not establish His ministry with Caesar or the High Priest of Israel, but instead made his ministry among the rejected and marginalized; he taught his disciples to be servants. The name Tribe represents considering others better than yourself; servanthood.


What does Tribe Value? 

Tribe's goal is to, as a community and as individuals in a community, communicate God’s good message of salvation, freedom, and love, as chiefly expressed through Jesus Christ, to the world in word, heart, deed, and spirit.


This mission, therefore, does not rely on religious traditions, formalities, or cultural biases.  We aim for our community to be loving, peaceful, active, diverse, forgiving, and inclusive.  We believe that God loves all, and all are called to a relationship with Him, regardless of class, race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, habits, or past.


The Gospel:

The Good News of Jesus Christ is the central and essential aspect of our faith. It is the work of God, through Jesus, for the salvation of humankind. The whole of scripture presents the Gospel and the entirety of our lives should present the Gospel.


Orthodoxy: There are many congregations with many perspectives on specific doctrines. Even among specific communities there will be a variety of viewpoints on non-essential doctrines among Christians. This diversity of viewpoints should work to build up the faith, unity, maturity, and understanding of the community instead of divide, cause judgment, or distract from the essential message of Jesus.


Although we should approach non-essentials with unity and grace, we should oppose false doctrines that reject the orthodox faith and threaten the body of faith. Namely, the essential doctrines are: the Deity of Jesus, Salvation by Faith through Grace, Trinitarian Monotheism, Original Sin, the Authority of the Bible as God’s Word, Judgment/Heaven and Hell, and the Resurrection.


Kingdom Vision: A kingdom vision means that we see all of (orthodox) Christianity as the church, regardless of denomination, maturity, or specific area of focus. This means our community is not superior to any other group even though we may focus on a different area, have a different understanding of non-essential doctrines, or have a different approach to ministry and we should do what we can to bring unity, maturity, and health to the kingdom wherever we can.


Christians are the Church: Popular culture runs on the misconception that the church is a building or denomination. We believe that Christians are the church. In understanding this, we avoid compartmentalizing our faith and community as a category in our lives. Instead, our faith and community should be central to our life and influence all other compartments.


Christ is the Head of the Church: Our faith, hope, true love, obedience, and worship are in and to God and His son, Jesus, only. We seek to be disciples of Jesus, not disciples of men. There are no perfect leaders, groups, or methods; there is only one perfect God. So, our reliance is on Christ alone, and we extend grace to our imperfect members. As a church, we allow Jesus to direct our vision and movements.


The Work of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is alive and active today; filling Christians, working in them and through them, and acting as a seal of promise. The Holy Spirit sometimes manifests through Christians, gives gifts, and always produces fruit through a Christian (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control).


Multiculturalism:  Tribe Church is committed to the idea that all people in all facets of life are called by Jesus Christ and that this calling supersedes any differences we choose to differentiate ourselves with. This means that all people, no matter how different from each other, are called into one family as Christians.



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